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Following are many stories that people have had with Babaji. Some of the stories are experiences that people had with Babaji in His last publicly known physical manifestation at Herakhan from 1970 - 1984. Others write of experiencing Babaji in dreams, some have had digital experiences from 1998 - 2002, while others recount meeting Babaji as a stranger in a body not recognizable as the Babaji known to most during this period in time.

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Ao Ao Mere Angana
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Although the realization I'd had with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj had been the straw that broke the camel's back, the question still remained, "Why? Why am I here? Where did I come from? What is the purpose for being here?" These questions gnawed at me and I was led to seek out my roots. Since early childhood I'd had a recurring dream. Somewhere in a valley near a bend in a river sits a magnificent temple high on a sacred mountaintop. After a long and arduous journey to reach the summit, I stand before the temple doors, which are made of precious jewels. The doors open mysteriously to reveal the presence of an enlightened Master who imparts to me the secrets of divine wisdom and eternal life. Thus I attain spiritual liberation in this lifetime. So it was that I started on a pilgrimage to Herakhan in India where I'd been told I might meet such a master Herakhan Baba. I'd been advised that it would be a strenuous but rewarding journey. Still, no one could have prepared me for what was to take place.

The seven-hour bus ride from New Delhi had seemed endless. The roads were treacherous and there was danger at every bend. Indian bus drivers are notoriously reckless, and this one was one of the worst. He had driven so close to the side of a precipice, balancing the bus on two tires, that it was an absolute miracle we hadn't capsized! I was scared out of my mind during the whole chaotic ride, sitting In the far end of the bus. My seat wasn't attached to the floor and I was holding onto it for dear life. Every time we went over a bump, I went flying in the air, hitting my head. I was sure we weren't going to make it! To boot, as we flew along the unpaved road through a thick cloud of dust, I noticed a crashed bus on the edge of the path, flipped over on its side! That was definitely not reassuring! I kept praying the whole way, Please, dear God, please protect me! The heat was unbearable inside the bus jammed with passengers. At every stop, I kept hoping someone would get off. Instead, more people crammed in! And it seemed like the bus kept stopping all the time. Bathroom stops. Food stops. Gasoline stops. Bus stops. There was constant commotion, with the driver and the passengers screaming at each other About what? I had no idea. Then the bus would suddenly come to a screeching halt, and people would scurry out into the fields nearby to relieve themselves. A while later there'd be more commotion and more yelling and screaming. We'd cram back into the bus, and we were off again on the hell ride. I tried to remain vigilant to know where to get off. But it was impossible to keep track. There were no signs on the roads, nor any identifying marks I could understand. At one stop I took a chance and rushed off to get something to eat. But one look at the food stall made me change my mind: between the burning rancid oil, the decayed fish and, the smell of urine. I don't think I've ever smelled anything as horrid in my whole life. It actually turned my stomach. I did manage to find some food that was safe enough. A hard boiled egg and a piece of white bread. With that and bottled soda water, I was set. And I jammed myself back into the bus.

God only knows how I managed to get off at the right stop, but I did. As the bus drove off in a mist, I stood there holding my bag, wondering where to go. I looked around and saw a few Indians walking up and down the road, women carrying water pots on their head. I knew I was supposed to go to the Almora Dam from here. But how? Exhausted from the heat and the long bus ride, I spread out my jacket by the roadside and lay down to rest.

Soon a young boy, maybe nine or ten years old, approached me and in his own brand of sign language, asked what I was looking for. I said, "Hotel!" He gave me an indication that he knew of a place, so I got up and followed him. A quick glance at the Indian-style room, however, and I got the picture. Bugs crawling along the floor, dirty blankets, a rope mattress, soiled walls; it was a nightmare! I nearly ran out screaming. I walked around for a while, hoping to find someone who spoke English. I was getting worried that if I had to walk all the way to the Ashram, I would never make it by sundown. Then what? The thought of sleeping under the stars made me shudder. I would be freezing cold. I thought, I have got to find a ride! I noticed a Sikh in traditional garb idly standing next to an English-made car. I went over and asked if he could drive me. He said he wasn't interested; he was waiting for his boss. I offered him some rupees and I saw a gleam in his eye. I handed him a few more, which he quickly grabbed. We jumped into the car and sped off down the road. Here was another one who drove like a maniac, slaloming around dogs and cows and people along the winding roads. I guess he was hoping he could get back in time before his boss found out he'd left. I just hoped he would get me there in one piece!

We drove quite a long way towards the foothills of the Himalayas. As we approached the dam site and its dried out riverbed, the driver abruptly screeched to a halt. He announced, "This is as far as I go, sir! The rest, you must do by foot" Uncertain, I stepped out of the car. No sooner was I out, than the man drove off. I yelled out, "But... where is Herakhan?!!" Pointing in the direction of the north, he yelled out his window from a distance, "That way! About 15 kilometers!!!"

I suddenly felt let down, lonely and discouraged. Everything seemed so arduous! My bag weighing heavily on my arm, I resolved to start walking. Some people strolled by. I caught the eye of a young villager, who smiled and meekly asked, "Do you mind if I walk with you, sir?" I though. Are you kidding? I'd be glad if you walked with me! He added, "Speaking with you will help me practice my English!" As we walked down the path, I described where I was headed and he graciously promised to show me the way. Delighted to have a companion, I felt that things were looking up. I asked him how far it was. He said, "We can make it by sunset." We followed the riverbed, wading barefoot through streams that crossed our path. The water from the Himalayan glaciers was freezing cold and very pure. You could see to the bottom of the streams where stones were shining in the sunlight like brilliant stars. It was an amazing walk. I began to contemplate on the story made famous by Yogananda Parmahansa his Autobiography of A Yogi where he describes a 2000-year-old yogi named Babaji of the spiritual lineage of Shiva. I wondered if Hariakhan Baba and Babaji were one and the same. I had a distant memory that the hill yogis of India carried ganja in their pouch and offered it to fellow yogis as a traditional gift. I thought, "If he is Babaji, he will offer me some ganja." A vivid past-life recall flashed before my eyes.

Pulling me out of my reverie, I heard a horse trotting along the road behind us. I glancing over my shoulder and caught the eye of the rider. It was a woman. She smiled, slowing down her pace to a walk and motioned for me to ride her horse. Surprised, I immediately protested, "I can't take your horse!" The young man intervened and said, "But sir, you are a man." He explained that in India it is not fitting for the man to walk while an Indian woman rides. I chuckled and thought, "Is this really happening in the 20th Century? or am I lost somewhere in time?" Without hesitating, the woman slid off her horse and handed me the reins. She was smiling broadly. I thought, "How interesting! In my culture, it would be exactly the opposite!" Somewhat embarrassed but genuinely delighted, I humbly took the reins and mounted the horse. Leading the way, the woman ran in front of the horse,with my traveling companion running alongside me. It took me a while to relax into this set-up, but I got used to it and allowed myself to enjoy the ride.

Suddenly there was magic in the air. It was as if the valley we were entering was unfolding in my inner vision. The rocks appeared to glow ever so slightly with a subtle energy. Everything radiated life. I had the impression I'd been in this place before. It was like returning home. As we came around a bend in the river, I immediately realized this was the place I had dreamed of again and again during my youth. I started to describe the area to my companions. I knew exactly where everything was, including the brilliantly. colored temple on the far side of the river bank. Suddenly, pointing to a small figure far away in the distance, I said with authority, "There's Herakhan Baba!" I knew it was him. I thanked my companions for their wonderful assistance and we parted company. Starting up the one hundred eight steps leading from the riverbed to the ashram, I felt at ease, not at all excited. Like a prodigal son coming home, there was no need to rush to get to the top. By now the sun was setting and it was starting to get chilly.

Entering the temple grounds, I was just taking off my shoes when I was greeted by a nasty old Indian man who demanded I pay him in advance for my stay. He snatched the rupees I handed him, counting them closely as if I were trying to steal my way in. Irked by this treatment, I wondered how they could have picked such a weirdo as the welcoming committee. A French woman came over and acquainted me with the ashram rules. God, do I detest rules! No smoking, no drugs, no alcohol, no bad moods. I went looking around for a place to stay. I felt moved to take a room occupied by a Dutchman, Timothy a scrawny shaven. head fellow who looked like he had been in India too long. He had taken one side of the-room, with his bags and clothes hanging neatly from a nail, the other half was clearly empty - no mat, no blanket, nothing. I set my bag down and went off to Satsang.

Everyone was gathered in the meditation hall waiting for Baba's arrival. There were mostly Indians and a few Westerners, women on one side, the men on the other. By now it was getting cold, and I thought of the summer clothes I had brought. Why hadn't I remembered to bring a warm sweater? That was a dreadful mistake. There was a stir and Baba walked in. He exuded charisma from every pore of his Being. About 5'8", thick brown hair, big dark eyes, round and jovial, with a smile so attractive you couldn't help but be entranced. His beauty was ageless, and I sat there admiring him in silence.

Then a chant seemed to well up as if from nowhere. Hari Bhol Babaji, Hari, Hari. Drums appeared and cymbals clashing. A devotional fervor filled the room. some devotees jumped up and began to dance spontaneously. I was rocking back and forth to the rhythmic chant. Hari Bhol! Hari, Hari! I was swept away by the ecstasy. Devotees began coming up, before his chair during the chanting and prostrating themselves at his feet. Others approached him simply to offer their respects, hands folded bowing reverently. A dwarf was dancing around him. It was a vision from another time. Baba would offer devotees some sort of sweet candy, or give them a friendly slap, which seemed to induce an ecstatic trance, or press his finger between their eyes. They would then fall back to be caught by attendants and gently laid down. Some would shudder uncontrollably or cry out in an ancient language. The room was filled with light, and I felt waves of Bliss welled up in me. I cried out uncontrollably Hari! Hari! My heart was filled with joy. Babaji was laughing and looking directly at me as if to encourage me to come forward. At one point I felt moved to approach his chair with a gift I had brought for him. It was a beautiful cream color wool Kashmiri shawl. I bowed down lifting the shawl up to as if for his approval. He playfully put it over his head like a woman's shawl and we both laughed. His laughter made me melt inside; I felt like bliss was resonating throughout my entire body. Still glowing from the intensity of the moment, I somehow returned to my place in the temple, feeling utterly connected to every one in the room. It was as if they were my body. Then as a flash of light before my eyes, I saw him shape-shift and he turned into Bubba Free John he had the same eyes, the same flowing hair, I was in the room with Bubba it was uncanny. 1 had to rub my eyes to make sure it wasn't a hallucination. It didn't last long, and then he was back to himself. But. I was left wide-eyed, wondering how such a feat could have been possible. I began to hear the wild ecstatic chanting again I began clapping my hands. Exalted, I was rocking back and forth to the rhythm of the beat, feeling one with the Intensity of the sound.

In the midst of all this wildness, the translator came over to me at one point and said, ”Baba wants you to go to the kitchen and have a cookie for prasad." Obediently stepping out of the meditation hall, I found my way to the kitchen and spotted the platter of cookies, laying on the table. Not giving these cookies a second thought, I grabbed one and swallowed it quickly. I returned to the hall and took my seat. Baba's eyes were so intense, I found myself gazing into them as if I were mesmerized. But I felt very grounded absolutely present and aware. Minutes later, he insisted that I get another cookie, but this time, I thought, I don't want to get up again, so I candidly said, "No, Baba, to be in your company is food enough!" Making fun of me, Baba mimicked my reply, probably testing my confidence. I felt a fleeting twinge of tension as I heard my neighbor whisper to me, "You're supposed to do what the guru says!" But I thought, Bullshit, it's okay to say no.

At one point, Baba looked over at me and, through the translator, ordered me to stay in the third room on the left of the entrance. That was the one I had chosen! Was that a coincidence or what? Later when he saw I was getting cold, he sent someone to his room to get one of his blankets that he personally used. He was very specific as to which one they were to retrieve for me. Looking at me with incredible intensity, he declared, as if this were the most important thing he would ever have to say to me, "Make sure you return this blanket right here when you leave!" Pointing to a place in the Sat-Sang Hall. Surprised, I thought, "What's the big deal? Of course I'll bring it back here." He repeated himself again to make sure I had heard him. I felt a bit annoyed. But I had the feeling he had something up his sleeve ... It seemed like some sort of a set up.

Later, returning to my room, I anticipated having a sleepless night because of the cold temperature and the hard adobe floor. Wrapping myself in Baba's blanket, I sprawled down and made myself as comfortable as possible. Reviewing the events of the evening, a gentle glow started to envelop me, as if I were wrapped in a heating blanket. It was an incredible experience. It makes absolutely no sense and no one would believe it, but that thin blanket kept me warm the whole time I was there, and I slept like a baby.

The next morning as we were waking up, my roommate commented, "You must be the yogi Baba was expecting." "Oh?" He went on to explain, "Baba ordered a special prasad to be prepared for a yogi who was arriving .It most have been you. You were the only one who has arrived in days. He had the villagers bring in ganja. He never has done that, he does not condone the use of ganja and won’t allow its use or possession at the ashram”. He said this was a present for a Shiva Baba an old friend. And that hill yogis exchanged such gifts in ancient times. It was part of a ancient ceremony. I thought that was the premonition. I had coming up the river bed on the way to Herakhan." I wasn't even affected by it. I didn't get high or feel a thing!" I said. He laughed. "That's the way it is around Baba. Everything dissolves around him." I murmured to myself, "Yes, Babaji!"

He went on to tell me of stories about Baba: tales of miraculous healings attributed to him, his ability to appear to devotees in dreams, even rumors that he could produce rainstorms at will and be seen in two places at once.. When he first returned in this lifetime to Herakhan. The villagers said he appeared suddenly as a youth in a bright light, sitting on a adjoining Mountain Mount Kailash. He sat in meditation for forty days. In his previous life at Herakhan one day he walked down the 108 steps into the roaring current of the river during the rainy season, taking what is called gell samadhi. He walked into the raging river. He wasn’t seen for years. Until this radiant light was seen on the mountain. The villagers became curious. And went over to investigate. They saw this youth a man in his early twenties sitting in deep meditation. He sat there for forty days. Then he then came down from the mountain and announced that he was Babaji. The deathless Guru. And that he had returned during this time to lead devotees back to God. His message is “Simplicity and love to all Beings”

My new friend Timothy, then helped me with the Ashram protocol. It was four in the morning. We made our way down to the river below the Ashram, to bath and have our toilet. It was freezing cold in the mountain water. We ducked our heads under the water. Three times, Chanting Hari Bhol Babaji! It was accelerating. After our bath we climbed back up the 108 steps in pitch dark, waiting for arti - the fire initiation.

Everyone squeezed together on a narrow platform in the dark, leaning towards the wall that led to the fire room. I thought it strange that everyone was pressing up so tightly against the wall. It didn't seem necessary. But it was dark, and I couldn't see anything. One by one we were ushered into the fire room, a tiny space with a blazing fire in the center. Baba was sitting in the lotus before the fire, exuding incredible intensity. He was absolutely beautiful to behold; a blue halo surrounded him and with those enormous eyes, I couldn't resist submitting to his all-pervading power. I knelt and bowed before him. He ran his three fingers across my forehead and marked me with the white dust - the sign of Shiva. Then he put a dot on my third eye,chanting "Om Nama Shivaya". I felt the shakti energy shoot through my body like lightning. A ball of light surrounded my whole being. I felt I was being bathed in the fire of purification. Then an attendant motioned me to leave and I stumbled out of the room. I could still feel my forehead burning as if singed by his three fingers. I was starting to come out of the trancelike state. Slightly disoriented. The sun was just coming up on the horizon. The sky was breathtaking. I felt God’s presence. I then looked around me, and realized why people were pressing up against the wall: the narrow passage to the arati room over looked a ravine that dropped some two hundred feet straight down! One slip of the foot, and it would be all over. With my deep fear of heights, I was grateful I hadn't been able to see the danger or I might have skipped the fire ceremony entirely.

All that day I had the impression of walking through space just slightly above ground. It was a strange sensation. Everywhere I went, every leaf, every blade of grass seemed to glitter like a shining star. I had the distinct impression that adjoining the mountain was conscious.

That afternoon I went for a walk beyond the Ashram , and I was drawn to a little creek which I followed for a mile or so in the Himalyan foothills I came to a spring hidden around a bend in the path. The rays of the sun beaming through the leaves of the nearby tree sparkled through the water drops, flashing brilliant glimmers of light in all directions. I felt as though I were intoxicated with the beauty of these surroundings. Cupping my hands, I drank a few sips of the vibrantly crystal. clear water. Suddenly I went into a heightened state. I was in a realm of light. I sat down next to the stream.

The next thing I knew, a loud internal gushing sound was washing over me and I realized it was the sound of my breath. Then I became aware I'd been sitting there for hours, although it had only felt like seconds. This was indeed a magical place!

As I slowly walked back to the ashram, I could hear a melodious call in the distance, "Hari! Bole! Babaji!" that sent warm shivers through my spine, filling me with delight. Then I had a divine vision. I saw Baba (or was it Shiva?) and his entourage walking down the mountain, an attendant carrying a processional umbrella to shade him from the sun. There was a man blowing a conch, and the ever-present dwarf skipping along beside him. The scene was from another time. I no longer had any doubt that this was Babaji. The deathless Guru. Watching the procession from afar, I was in awe of the mystical significance of the moment.

Later after dinner Timothy told me Babaji said one of his attendants should tell me to walk up the river bed and to follow the stream to its source; and, that I should drink of it. But no one was able to find me. He asked me where I had been all day. I laughed to myself. Indeed Babaji was all knowing.

The four days I spent at Herakhan went by all to quickly. Most of the time we would spend simply sitting in Babaji’s company in silence. Food was served once a day at noon on banana leaves. It was tasty and although modest by western standards strangely filling.

Finally I had to make arrangements for my departure. The final darshan with Babaji, was filled with much laughter and hugs. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. Dashing down the hundred and eight steps 108 steps to the dried out river bed to catch the horse pack, which came by randomly at no specific time. I didn't want to miss the caravan or I would have to hike out by foot. Which would take a good days trek. I could see the horses waiting on the hill in the distance, and I thought, They better wait for me, or else I'll have to stay another day or two until the next time they come by. As I mounted the horse, I heaved a sigh of relief for making it just in time. Trotting away I looked back to get one final glimpse of Herakhan. Then it suddenly dawned on me. I had left the magic blanket in the room! Baba was so adamant that I be sure to leave it in the meditation hall! I thought, "Oh, my God, he knew I would forget! Feeling terribly embarrassed, I realized this was yet another sign of Baba's all pervading power.

The trip back to New Delhi was as smooth as the initial ride had been traumatic. I had time to reflect on everything that had happened and allow the shift to stabilize. I found my roots my spiritual lineage. On a very deep level, I am connected to these Himalayan yogis and to their great tradition of Kriya Yoga. I know now that I belong to their ancient future. That was the gift I received at Herakhan.
"The entire universe is your Guru. You learn from everything, if you are alert and intelligent. Were your mind clear and your heart clean, you would learn from every passerby. It is because you are indolent or restless that your inner self manifests as the outer Guru and makes you trust him and obey."

Sri Nisgardatta Maharaj
John Krajewski


My Babaji Story:

I was born into a family that didn’t want me and rejected me. So being alone, unwanted & rejected has been my life theme. Being very emotional has been my secondary theme. I have also had very poor physical & emotional health my whole life. So most of my adult life has been spent trying to fix myself. I guess you could say I was the queen of self-help books. In the Spring of May 2011, I was very depressed & living in a camping trailer in Loyalton, California. My disability income didn’t allow for decent housing, so I really felt “homeless.” One day I was digging through a box of books in my shed and came across a book I had picked up for free at the library by Sondra Ray. In it, she talked about something called Rebirthing. I hadn’t heard about that before. But in it she mentioned someone who teaches that at a hot spring, 11 miles from me. I had picked up a flyer about that there a couple of weeks earlier. Dug out the flyer and yes it was the same person. This really caught my attention, interested me and I felt a strong pull. I thought about it for about 2 weeks and then decide to try to go. So I made contact and 2 weeks later I was at the rebirthing seminar. I knew nothing about rebirthing or Babaji.

At the seminar there was a table with a mans photo on it. I recognized him, but didn’t know where I recognized him from, didn’t know his name or who he was, or where I knew him from. Since I was such a newbie, I didn’t say anything. The other attendees were already making fun of me because I called the OM symbol a squiggly line (I had never seen that symbol before) and I thought Aarti was a video game (Atari). Later I found out the man in the photo was Babaji. I am grateful that this seminar was my path to Babaji. It was interesting to me though, that during this seminar at one of the meetings the leader asked the attendees to raise their hand if Babaji came to them. There were 30+ people there, I think about only 7 people raised their hands. Some of those people had been coming to this seminar for years. I was one of the people who raised my hand. I thought this was strange, didn’t he come to everyone? I guess not, since so many others had not raised their hand. Why did he pick me? I wondered.

Babaji worked quickly in my life. Immediately after the seminar was over I went home and made my own mala, went and collected fire wood and began chanting Om Namah Shivaya while sitting by the fire. Started a daily relationship with water always blessing my water by chanting Hare Ganga and continued going to the scared hot springs healing waters. I also continued the connected breathing exercises I learned at the seminar. I began astral traveling right away. Only July 6, 2011 while I was at the hot springs in the mediation pool doing connected breathing and meditating I was having a womb experience. This is what I wrote in my journal “I saw & felt myself in the womb. Then I was out of the womb and back in my body. I felt and saw Babaji come into my body. I felt like my body was stiff, paralyzed, I couldn’t move while Babaji was in me. I was full of an awesome violet light, and then it turned deep purple, then a beautiful blue. Then I was filled with white light that turned to gold. Then I went on my side and did a roll in the water and I was awake and me again. When I was driving home I was in total bliss. Then I saw a double rainbow.” That was an amazing experience. I felt so much love from Babaji, I had never felt that loved before in my life.

In August Babaji blessed me with a beautiful 3 bedroom home, my front room alone was bigger than the whole trailer I was living in. I received housing assistance I had not been able to attain for 7 years. My emotions were beginning to stabilize and my depression was improving. Then on September 7 Babaji had me shave my head. That was one of the most incredible spiritual experiences of my life, it is difficult to describe and put on paper. I live in a very ridged Christian community and the whole town thought I was nuts. But I was so high on my spiritual feeling…. pink cloud… no one could put a damper on what I was feeling. I was so spiritually alive. My whole body just tingled and vibrated for days. I felt so light and unencumbered, so free. I was glowing and giddy. For the first time in my life I felt Kundalini. Every time I would rub my head my whole body would just tingle and tingle. It was so cool and awesome.

My life with Babaji is a new life. I still have bad days but I feel like my depression that I have struggled with for 30 years is more or less cured. I am able to manifest things with my thoughts and have more love in my life than ever before. My life is full of white light. My anger, which has always been a huge problem for me, has diminished drastically. I used to be a very negative person. Today I feel like my brain has been rewired, I am much more on the positive side. I never had any patience and got irritated so easily, now I just start to chant Om Namah Shivaya whenever I have to wait in line, or when I’m in traffic or I’m around a difficult person. I feel peace immediately. Babaji has helped me heal so many things. I did miss not having some Babaji fellowship in my life so I got on the internet and found Marge’s website, what a blessing she and her website is. I love the newsletter emails and have learned so much. I also ordered an Aarti CD so I could do Aarti on my own at home and I ordered some photos of Babaji. I continue on my spiritual path, learning and gaining as much knowledge as I can. I try to live by Babaji’s motto, truth, simplicity & love. Every day I try to do the best I can so he will be proud of me. I know I still have a long way to go. Being human is so hard.

April 25 2012, one of the hardest days of my life. Came home from the ophthalmologist in Reno today with some very bad news. I have a very rare form of cancer in my eye. Ocular Melanoma. I didn’t even know you could get skin cancer in your eye! My tumor is right on my optic nerve. Which is what prompted me to go to the eye doctor. I had a blind spot in my vision which started about a week ago. Of course I went through all of the emotions… shock, anger, fear, grief and did a lot of screaming and yelling. Another solo journey just beginning.

The next few months were off to more doctors and a lot of tests. The treatment was radiation. Babaji was with me the whole time. Also did a lot of fire, water, Aarti & mala with Om Namah Shivaya. The cancer was in my left eye. The vision in my right eye has never been good. Since the tumor was on my optic nerve all the doctors said the radiation would kill the tumor, but would also kill my optic nerve & my macula. So I would more than likely be blind in my left eye. I felt like my vision life was over. This was unacceptable to me… here comes my old ugly friend back again… DEPRESSION!!!! It took me a couple of months to come to terms with all of this. Finally I decided to go ahead with treatment. October 15, 2012, my 1st day of radiation treatment. I had to look at a red light during the treatment. But something else happened. I saw another light, again this is hard to describe and put on paper. The colors you see “on the other side” if that’s what you want to call it, are nothing like here on earth. During my treatment I saw other lights, brilliant, beautiful violet, purples, blues beams coming at me, colors that don’t exist here on earth. I had 4 days of radiation. This happened at all 4 of my treatments. I was nervous and doing my breathing, kinda in my “zone” during treatment. So at the time didn’t put much thought into it, just thought maybe it was part of my meditation??? I belong to an Ocular Melanoma Facebook group. I posted on there (very carefully-no Babaji people there) ”Anyone getting Proton Beam Radiation see anything besides the red flashing light during treatment?”. Everyone said no, only the red light. So I was the only one who had this special, awesome light experience???

December 23, 2013 At the Cancer doctor today got the best news!!!! A true miracle! He told me “with all certainty I am sure you are not going to go blind”. I said what? I made him repeat himself 3 times. I just couldn’t believe it. It’s been over 1 year since radiation and by all odds I should be blind in my left eye now. The doctor has been giving me Avastin shots to help but my heart and soul know otherwise. I believe it was my Babaji. I believe those lights I saw were from Babaji. I believe those beams of light protected my optic nerve & macula so they did not get radiated during my treatment. Today with my glasses on my vision in that eye is 20/25!

Journal entry of January 6, 2014 - “Just had a really intense experience had to journal it right away. Was doing my morning routine (meditation & kirtan). I have been really feeling my Babaji saved my left eye and was at my radiation, I grabbed Babaji’s photo next to me and kissed it then held it to my 3rd eye. As soon as I did it, the purple/violet light came into my left eye, really strong. That was enough conformation for me! Then I was like - It was you Babaji! I cried out over and over!!! I knew it!!! I cried out again. Then I don’t know what happened it was just to overwhelming and powerful - I had my eyes closed - but saw felt him materialize in front of me - extend his arm out, with his finger pointing out and he touched my left eye, then he was gone. Gosh I’m going to try to describe it, but it’s just so hard. I felt like my body went into shock. I started hyper ventilating. I felt frozen, but my whole body was shaking and I was making weird noises. I defiantly was not here on earth. I was in another dimension. I don’t know how long I was like that. I could hear Angel (my dog) off in the distance, she brought me back. Then I was back. I just shook my head, looked around the room and was like whoa, what just happened??? I grabbed Angel and held on to her. It took me a few minutes to come back down to earth & reality.”

I know this is a long story, but I had a lot to say. If you open your heart & soul to Babaji he will change your life to. He has been a miracle in my life.

Om Namah Shivaya


Thank You
Om Namaha Shivaya!

Im a 43 year old man living in Stavanger, Norway. Im married and have three wonderful kids and work as attorney helping people with individual cases related to work (labour law).

I've been blessed with direct communication with Babaji several times in my life. For 7 years ago he made specific instructions to me in a very difficult period in life. I was told to be true to myself and live truth, listen to what makes my heart sing, that all my wishes will come true and simply-work is my worship!

Christ The Lord also came to me several times 7-8 years ago in his light body with his profound message that all is love and we are loved. I know from personal experience that Babaji and Christ are Masters beyond time and space acting directly on behalf of cosmic consciousness Itself.

All this happened years before I became aware of and studied Babaji's teachings of truth, simplicity, love, karma yoga and Om Namaha Shivaya.

This summer I had a crisis again. After I met my wife in 2007 so much was destined to happen. Childbirths, building a house, transformations at work ( starting a company and taking my final exams to become an attorney). After I came back from summer holidays 2014 I was depressed and couldn't start working again when at the office. I could find no reason externally. I went deep into my Self and worked with introspective questions, Tarot cards to look myself in the mirror, meditated, went for walks and started jogging. I even took up the practice of 5 Tibetan rites.

After a while I realized that my soul was bleeding and that I needed to reestablish the contact with the shining Self within. Earlier this year I also had dreams and visions while sleeping of myself lying at Babaji's feet in pranam. I touched his feet and asked in my dream when I was supposed to see him again and he replied "Soon".

I realize now that "Soon" meant going through a new crisis first. Soon also means renewed contact with my spiritual Mother Sissel Tvedte (also called Sushila a name I believed she got after visiting Satya Sai Baba). She happens to live in a place called Son, pronounced in Norwegian the same as The English word "soon". Sissel is a beautiful soul and remarkable woman that have helped thousands of people through her work since the 1970`s with rebirthing, teaching at courses, and taking individual clients at the Jupitercentre in Son. I have never talked to Sissel about her experiences with Babaji in Herakhan while he was there, but I know he is her Master.

I dont know where this journey of life leads. I try to enjoy everything as much as possible. Taking one of my sons to a swimming course or a bike ride, doing caretaker-work in my house, helping clients as an attorney and whatever needs to be done.

I think I write this to say thank you for putting together a website like To me its an inspiration. That's because I am not supposed to or have any opportunity to go to an ashram. For so long I want to stay close to my family and work and connect with God while living a normal life.

Thank you for listening!

Om Namaha Shivaya!


I am going to tell my opinion about the importance of the maha-mantra for me and what it has to do with what Jesus said: ...unless a person is born of WATER and SPIRIT, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. What is born from the flesh is flesh, and what is born from the spirit is spirit.(John 3:1-21)

I had always (and still have) Jesus Christ in my heart as the greatest incarnation of love, his words seemed to me very sweet, I was 16, I started reading his beautiful teachings in the gospels, but I didn't succeed to fulfill his teachings, but I knew inside me that the mysteries (Baptism, second Birth,.....) were misinterpreted by the church. I don't speak against church, but I wanted to find the truth(,simplicity and love), no matter what I would cost. So I started to study all the religions (from the well known religions like of the loving Buddha to more secret, like the of ancient Egypt) and of course I realized that, what Babaji said, that all religions are one.

Now in the morning I realized, that Babaji came to teach us that, how to be reborn, as above Jesus mentioned (obviously, since Babaji was a teacher of Jesus, if I am not mistaken), and that is through his maha-mantra(Om Namah Shivay). I will try to give an explanation, but don't take it literally, it is difficult to translate the language of the heart in English. Although there is much to tell about it, I will try to be simple, please God forgive me if I make a mistake. If you remember, Babaji said Om Namah Shivay is the WATER to clean your heart, if you heart is not pure, how can God live in you? So here is the WATER about Jesus said (...unless a person is born of WATER and SPIRIT...), and the SPIRIT is the Holy Spirit (Mary became pregnant with the Holy Spirit and gave birth to the Redeemer...), the third Logos, in Hinduism called Shiva, so here we have the water and the spirit for the second birth, to enter the kingdom of God, see you there.

near Wien, Austria


During meditation while listening to the Lalitha Ashtotram (by Craig Pruess and Ananda), I became aware that I was in the Presence of the Divine Mother, She was, in fact, in front of me. Then, I realized that in front of me were MahaKali, MahaLaxsmi, and MahaSaraswati. Almost immediately, I could see that we were sitting on a gold floor and we were surrounded by large columns that were encrusted with precious gem stones. I noticed at first, that there were more Divine Mothers present, and they were sitting in front of me in a half-moon. Then, I became aware that I was actually surrounded by Divine Mothers ~ in truth, 108 manifestations of the Divine Mother. They were in a circle and I was in the middle of them. Outside of Their circle was a ring of Violet Fire. I was connected to each of them, Heart-to-Heart, by a golden beam of Light. As I looked up, I could see that the Place we were in was very much like a Mosque, except that it seemed to have no ceiling to it. The columns went up as far as one could imagine, and coming down from above was a bright White Light that entered through the top of my head, went down my spine, and out my root chakra. As I looked below me, I could see the White Light extend from my root chakra down to the Earth, surrounding Her in a beautiful Light grid. At this point, I noticed that I was wearing clothes made of emerald green silk with gold stitching. My blonde hair was very long, and there was a piece of gold jewelry around my forehead with a sort of diamond shaped gold medallion resting on my forehead. There were gold band rings on each of my toes, and rings on my fingers – not on my thumbs. The rings on my fingers starting from my pinky fingers were gold bands with a large ruby, the ring fingers had gold bands with a large emerald, the middle fingers had a gold band with a large sapphire, and the pointer fingers had gold bands with large diamonds. The size of the stones increased from the smallest being the rubies to the largest being the diamonds. I found that I was now sitting in the middle of a large Lotus. The Lotus was turning counter-clockwise so that I could see each of the Divine Mothers, and as I turned, my connection to each of them through the gold beam of Light remained intact. Then, I saw that the White Light from above was now streaming down through each of the Divine Mothers, just as it was still doing through me, and the Light that was going through Their Root Chakras was also enveloping the Earth. Next, all of the Divine Mothers were now also sitting in the middle of a large Lotus. As I continued to turn counter-clockwise, They were all turning clockwise. When this began, white and pink rose petals began to “rain” down on us. Suddenly, I was aware that Sai Baba and Babaji were present. As I noticed them, I realized that actually Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, Prema Sai Baba, Babaji and Muktananda were all present. They each had long black hair down to Their waists and Their hair was all in dreadlocks. The ring of Violet Flame that had been around all 108 Divine Mothers now enclosed around me and engulfed me. As the Violet Flame was “burning” me, all my Babas were dancing around me in the same clockwise manner as the Divine Mothers were still turning on Their Lotuses. In my Heart center, was a large ruby with a flame inside of it. As the Violet Flame became more and more intense, the ruby became brighter and brighter in color, and the flame inside of the ruby became brighter and brighter. I stood up inside the Violet Flame and began to dance. Now, all of the 108 Divine Mothers began dancing too, and all of my Babas were still dancing around me. Suddenly, because of the intensity of the flame within the ruby, the ruby shattered into pieces. As the shattered pieces flew out, a piece of the ruby was embedded into the Heart of all my Babas and all of the 108 Divine Mothers. Then, the flame that had been within the ruby turned into the Sun. My Heart Chakra was now the Sun. The Sun expanded, larger and larger, engulfing all of my Babas and all of the 108 Divine Mothers. We were all within the expansive Sun together, One with it and each other, and still separate in consciousness. At this point my body began to expand. It expanded so large that it engulfed the Sun, which remained in my Heart Chakra, and all of my Babas and all of the 108 Divine Mothers were dancing within my body. White light was pouring out from the tips of my fingers and toes. My eyes were now the Fire. Within me, I could feel growing from the base of my spine (actually in the yoni area) a LARGE Shivalingam. As the Shivalingam grew up inside of me, it consumed every space inside of me, and I even felt a little like my throat was “choking.” Instantaneously, my outer body dissolved into ash and fell to the base of the Shivalingam. The Shivalingam was now glowing like a hot ember. Then, out of the pile of ash that lay at the bottom of the glowing Shivalingam, my body began to emerge again. As my body emerged from the ash, it was once again enveloping the Shivalingam so that it was inside of my body. I realized that my body was now very different. I no longer had white skin. My skin was pitch black. My hair was no longer blonde. It was now also pitch black and it was in dreadlocks down to my waist. My eyes were no longer Fire. They were a deep blue almost black color. At this point, I came out of the meditation and my body slumped over. It was very very weak, and I could not will it to move. I laid there in a daze as I listened to the end of the Lalitha Ashtotram. When the Lalitha Ashtotram completed, it took a bit more time before I had the strength to sit up. After I was able to sit up, I still felt very weak and the top of my head was vibrating. As soon as I was able, I sat down to recall my experience and document it.

Did this really happen to me? Is this a true experience or is my mind in delusion? I feel it must be true because I feel no separation and I only have the desire to hear “Om Namah Shivaya.” It must be true. How else can I explain the experience of my physical body?

I am reminded that when my niece began to speak, her first word, before Mama or Dada, was Kika. My sister and I thought she was trying to say my son’s name, Caleb. One day when my son and I were visiting my sister, my niece was crying out, “Kika, Kika, Kika.” We thought she was trying to get my son’s attention. I turned to him and said, “Caleb, would you please answer her.” My niece then responded, “Not Caleb. Eileen!!!” That was the moment my sister and I realized that all this time my niece had been asking for ME. Ever since then, for the past 18 years, I have been known as Kika in my family, and all children call me Kika. I knew in the moment that my niece revealed that she was asking for me, that this name “Kika” was a name she had brought in from Spirit. The name always felt incomplete to me, as if it was “baby-talk” for another name. Now, I am feeling very aligned with the Spiritual name Kalika. After what I have experienced today, I believe that is the name that my niece was trying to say, and how auspicious that it was her first word. Also, how interesting that 18 years later, I should have this experience.

Daytona Beach, FL, USA


I have had several dreams with Babaji, most of them were showing me where i needed to look at something in my life. This dream was a little different. There was my family, myself and Babaji sitting in a room that I had never seen before, like a living room. The family was familiar to me in the dream, as I knew this was my star family. Not the same family I have here on earth. There was a woman, my mother, Father and I believe 2 siblings, all were dark haired. I was sitting with my star family on a couch. Babaji was to our left and I believe he was sitting on the floor in front of us. In his hand he held a diagram of the golden mean. That is the spiral shape that looks like a seashells outline which has to do with fibonacci number system, or how all of life unfolds in a pattern on this earth. This seemed to be on a piece of clear plastic so you could see through it. He held this over a picture of the earth and he was gently chanting as we watched. There was also some music playing which he said was very important to the process. This was the end of the dream, but I feel he was somehow healing the earth in his sweet and gentle way as we all sat and watched.

Cotopaxi, USA


On my very first trip to Haidakhan (in 1991) I was staying in the hotel in Haldwani where most of the devotees used to stay. In the evening while in my room I suddenly realized that still I really didn't know how to proceed to Haidakhan the next day, although I had already paid the usual visit to Sri Muniraji's place in the afternoon. - I didn't have to wait long, there was a knock on my door and in front of me stood a German devotee from Munich, Peter, who said he just came to tell me the exact way to Haidakhan, mentioning the time when the bus to Dam Site would go in the morning and from which place in Haldwani. - He then said: I'll now go to visit the doctor! - Having heard this there was a bell ringing in my head and I was about to say: Can I come with you? - but didn't dare to ask, so he went and next morning I went to the bus stop. - Again after a few minutes a tall man stood in front of me saying: Don't worry the bus will come within a few minutes! - Then he said: Peter has told me about you - I'm the doctor of Haidakhan hospital! - So Narayan Singh and I went on the same bus and although he later proceeded much quicker than me on foot to the ashram, he made sure I would have a porter taking me the right way there.

On another occasion (1996), while camping on Montezuma beach/Costa Rica where I least expected it I saw a sign "Om Namah Shivay" in Hindi among the bushes of the second part of the beach. It turned out there was a Babaji devotee living there in a makeshift home, inviting me for a coffee (which I had just been craving for since the beach was otherwise empty) after I had greeted him with "Om namah Shivay" and telling me he had had a fire ceremony the night before with an Italian guy whom he described and who I could later meet.

Babaji is everywhere whenever you need him !

Bhole Baba ki Jai!!!
Anna Sudhakar
Cologne, Germany


I followed a dream in October. A man in a dream told me a sacred being would come to me. To call him Shiva. For he is held sacred to the Lord. And my epilepsy would be healed. But i must first begin to give myself back to the earth which my fathers had so selfishly taken from. October 4, 2013 Shiva was born. My friend told me he had been born I told her to touch him and say "I call your name Shiva" And thus he is now called Shiva. Little did I know I would come pass this site and Babaji. And learn that saying the name of the Lord Shiva cleanses the mind, body and soul. Just after Shiva was born my epileptic medications quit working. And now I repeat the name of the Lord daily. And am cleansed. As well as all space for he is the most PURE one.

Thank YOU Babaji where ever and whenever you maybe for the dream and leading me to where my native spirit belongs. As the Cherokee nation teaches take what you need from earth, and always return it back to the earth.

I am at peace.
Aum nomah Shivaya!


Hello everybody, I would like to share my first experience with the energy of our beloved Mahavatar Babaji.

I am fresh so to say, in this path of search for the light within. For a couple of months I've been reconnecting to the self that I forgot for many years, due to bad life experiences for many years I've lived in the delusion, focused on the wrong things and searching for happiness in wrong places, like drugs bad habits and even often guided by negativity.

Since my beautiful son was born that I've started connecting again with my true self, guided by this great unconditional love I've came across the teachings of Yogananda through Swami Kryananda for whom I have great love and devotion.

After a couple of months I came across a video which talked about this amazing light called Babaji. Straight away I went to read on the internet and decided to meditate on him...

Now what happened after is extremely simple to describe yet the presence I felt I cannot describe in words ... for ten minutes my eyes cried and cried, yet my feeling inside was of great joy and some how I felt like I was fulfilled.

That energy I felt made me wanna feel every second of my physical life like this.

So this has brought me to this website.

I hope that this can be another tool to help me following the path, to learn, to share, to get guidance etc.

This instant love that I felt for Babaji is probably the best thing that could happen to me and I'm truly grateful and hunger to learn more so I can also help other people to find this path of joy love simplicity an truth.

The Hague, Netherlands


It is hard to say when I first "connected" with Babaji because from the first moment I heard His name, I recognized Him as someone I had known forever. Yet, I never had the privilege of meeting Him in person. Here is part of my story.

In 1984 in the months just after Babaji returned to spirit, I experienced a very severe trauma. The reasons for the trauma are unimportant. What I experienced however is important. For a nine month period I did not eat or sleep. My auric body had been damaged by the trauma so I could not "feel" divine spirit around me. Since being a small child I had "sight" and being without it, was like being in a very deep dark pit. It was a living death. For me, this was no life so I wanted to died in the worse way but my friends "in spirit" refused to let me draw my last breath. Whenever I was ready to give up, they were there reminding me I had to live.

One of these wonderful beings was Elkamir and, another, Babaji. Without my spiritual "sight" He and others came to visit via physical manifestation. And, when I finally saw Babaji's floating HEAD in front of me, I started to laugh. l laughed and laughed and laughed. I then broke down in tears. I suddenly realized what a great gift this trauma had given me. I realized what it was like to be human. I know that must sound strange to some of you but believe me. A person as connected to spirit and as psychic as I was had no clue as to what life without those connections would be. I cried for humanity because I finally understood what it was like to be a human blind to one's own spiritual roots. It took some time to heal and come back to the "living" but I never forgot the lesson they'd given me.

Later, during a "rebirthing" workshop (when I was supposed to be having a "terrible experience"), I instead had a wonderful vision. I found myself swimming upstream with Babaji and dolphins in the Ganges River. Along the river bank were hundreds of people, all of them motioning to us to come up the river. For many months after, I could feel the sense of great peace it gave to me.

I really love Babaji. Although we'd never met, He and I had a sort of thing. Someone once told me he was the returner of lost things. And, oddly enough, things did seem to disappear as if Babaji was challenging me to call upon Him to see if this really was true. Well, I took the challenge. After doing a release (a necessary component), chanting and asking Babaji for their return, they always reappeared within the hour. In one case, it was a set of spiritual books authored by a friend. Another time, it was a very special crystal earring one-of-a-kind that I'd gotten at a seminar in Sedona. I'd lost it on the street in Philadelphia. It didn't seem to matter . . . it still came back. So did my cat (a very strange cat ... long story) that had been gone for many days . . . always back within the hour. I don't need to do the ritual anymore but I still feel His presence. Believe it or not, after He disappeared a second time, I noticed He was partly dematerialized, if you can imagine such a thing! I knew it was His time to go then. On a third request for His return, He did not come back.

I believe Babaji is by my side still (as is the cat) . . . He is also by your side if you need Him to be.

Seattle, WA, USA 2013-11-26


My first experience with Babaji. I found myself in a void/dimension isolated with just Babaji and me. Since reading the "Autobiography of a Yogi" I have been very interested and intensely motivated to talk and communicate with Paramhansa Yogananda and MahaAvatar Babaji. One day while youtubing Paramahansa Yogananda, I found a video where Paramahansa Yogananda was teaching people how to properly sleep. In this video, he also explained how he would go into SuperConsciousness utilizing the sleep process. I practiced this technique everyday I could.

Eventually, after many years of practicing the sleep technique taught in the Youtube video by Paramahansa Yogananda, I found myself communicating with many masters that I hold deeply in my heart. I found myself during the sleep technique to have reached and received the loving and compassionate energy field of my Christian Lord Jesus Christ as I was calling months and months for him to answer my prayers. Later days, I found myself utilizing the same technique to get the blessings of my beloved living guru, Paramahansa Nithyananda, oh such a blissful, joyful energy field he was radiating to me on that day. And last but not least, I had finally reached Babaji with the sleep technique. Babaji showed two faces and bodies to me but it was within one body. Its like seeing two faces and bodies of Babaji in one Babaji body. That's at least how I remembered seeing him. One body and face of Babaji, was exactly like the picture drawn of him in the "Autobiography of a Yogi". The other body and face of Babaji that was also radiating at the exact time and exact space/spot was exactly like the young Haidakhan Babaji picture that Marge D. had sent me. Babaji was radiating an all knowing/all wisdom energy field to me.

Babaji's message to me. While I was with Babaji in that void/dimension, he was teaching me how to chant and/or that I should learn chanting. I did not catch the Sanskrit chant/words he was giving me. I was very nervous due to the excitement of being in his presence and because I wasn't able/strong enough to hold the vibrations together to be in that dimension very well. I eventually got frustrated because I could not understand/catch onto the Sanskrit meaning and chant well. And so, I believe and felt that due to this frustration I lost hold of the vibration to keep me in the void/dimension with Babaji.

I have been chanting Om Namah Shivaya for some time now but I know that this was not the chant he was teaching me that day/night. I couldn't really figure out what chant he was teaching me until lately that is why I am back visiting this site. I have now realized just today that the Sanskrit words were more in tune with puja chanting, something that I have been energetically (in a loving way) pulled towards but have been slacking on practicing. Because of this experience with meeting my Lord of Kriya Yoga, I have gained an energetic boost to pick up the puja book and start practicing.

Thank you Babaji for visiting me when I called out your name, thank you for guiding me to Christianity, thank you for guiding me to the Vedic tradition, and thank you for guiding me to my Swamiji.

Om Namah Shivaya
Milwaukee, USA


Dear Babaji,

Here I decided for my first time to really write you an email. I AM SURE THAT YOU WILL KNOW THIS EMAIL.

Maybe last night late, or early this morning dream made me to do this now. I had this wish before but I truly hadn't trust (to myself) that I am really writing to You.

I dreamed some different dream than others. I do not remember whole dream. Only let's say the short context. I know that I was in some big building, maybe our town hospital. I was going through hallways, long and wide hallways. In the basement. Going, going for long time. I wanted to go out of there and then go on with my pathway. On going through I was meeting some doctors, or maybe they were only nurses. Many people - patients, were sitting on big chairs! Like waiting to be made some surgery on them! All of them had bandages on them ... on heads, on ears, on their bodies ... At first time as I remember it was quiet around. On my going and going forward it was less and less quiet. And the picture was changing. These people, patients, sitting on big chairs (something like dentist chair or gynecological chair) are now with more difficult problems. I saw people with very changed faces, they were unnatural very wide, very big and somehow as squashed faces! Changed form of the faces. All of them had bandages on heads. Most of them were loudly crying! As I was going and going, I saw people that cry and with these faces. Others had some other, not only with wide faces, here I don't remember exactly what, but maybe on arms, eyes, torso ...

I was going through, looking all this, and somehow as I was without feeling. In the morning I just remembered this dream, as "something not so interesting", little later I realized it has some deeper meaning.

I am sure this has connection with You Babaji. You are my Guru and give just to You all Respect. From now on all my learning shall get from Your Teachings. Every morning I do Om Namaha Shivaya. Every morning I do my Kriya practice.

Sometimes I jump practice. And I feel as I need it.

I am alone with my practices. I no one know to be with me with this.

Please please please tell me what to do as my sadhana from you! Jai Baba!

Please give me real sadhana. That is my guide for now on. I really need Your sadhana. I had other Yoga teachers that now I my soul tells me it is enough. From now on only you are my Guru.

I gathered so much courage to write this letter to You. I was thinking several times whether to write to You and how to do it. Now it is time.

Om Namaha Shivaya
Om Namaha Shivaya
Om Namaha Shivaya
Zvonko, Macedonia


I came in contact with Babaji in 2013 in real sense. But came as truth in fact.

Dhirendra Singh


Before I had the nerve to go to Haidakhan, I read Autobiography of a Yogi. Then I read a modern book about Babaji. I had a dream about him that very night.

I was watching him from a distance as he sat on a roof, teaching a devotee, who would walk on the roof, then back on the ground, then back on the roof (high path/low path). It was dark out and I was peeking through some trees. Suddenly, he zoomed into my face like a close-up camera lens and laughed, "I see you!!" in a sing song voice. I woke up instantly and felt afraid. Then a thought came immediately, "God is nothing to be afraid of." I fell back asleep right away.

After this, I had many dreams (13 or so?) that caused me to go to India. Here are a few, edited way down, that are helping me and may help others. Use any or none as you see fit.

Also, after I returned from India in 1994 I had only a few very vague dreams and then none ever again. I felt abandoned but now realize that it was to make me focus on the teachings, not the teacher. This may help others who had this experience happen too.

1. In a dream I was standing in a room with Babaji while we watched a girl walking around and around in a circle with her head down, sad and distressed. I said, "Look up! Let him help you."

She looked up, and Babaji had tied a rope around her waist/solar plexus area and began pulling so hard he rose up in mid-air, still tugging on the rope, pulling the pain out.

This woman was me and all women who suffer. "Look up! Let him help you."

2. I dreamed I was at the ashram in India, where I had never been. He was fresh from a bath, walking down the 108 steps with two other devotees as I was walking up. I thought to myself, "Please notice me". When I reached them, he linked arms with me and proceeded to walk up the steps with me. Suddenly, a crazy woman came running by pulling up all the flowers by the roots and clutching them for herself.

He looked at me and said "See?"

The message was: don't be greedy, beautiful things are for all of us to share, when we try to grab for ourselves the flowers die.

3. I was riding in a beautiful, ornate carriage and Babaji was my driver. He was dressed in red jeweled clothes and a turban. He was giving me lessons. When he dropped me off he told me when we would have our next lesson. I said the most ridiculous thing, "I can't. I have plans with so and so." As I said this, he disappeared into thin air. I called out, "I'm sorry. Come back. I want to see you. I want to SEE!" and I woke up.

If I don't make him a priority, he disappears from my view. And my ability to see the truth disappears too.

4. During the day I asked Babaji if he could come see me in a dream in female form because I had no reference of female divinity and was frustrated about the male image being the only master form I'd ever been shown.

Soon after, I dreamed I was outside an ashram having a mild argument with an unknown male. I said, "Well, if we both love Babaji then we have common ground so let's stop this."

We entered a temple together and waited on line to see Babaji. When I reached the front, it was Babaji as a beautiful young woman in a red/burgundy flowing gown with dark black hair. I looked at her and asked, "Who are you?" Her black eyes glowed into mine and she embraced me. It was Babaji.

With Love and ONS,


On the way to India on my first trip in June 1982, in the New York airport, a group of Hare Krishnaˆs approached us and asked about the malas around our necks. They asked how many beads were on the strand. We answered 108, and they went into a big speech about that it should be 101 beads because Shiva is a "demi-god," and only Krishna is the true God, and we were in big trouble. This kind of made us smile because we knew we were on our way to visit a manifestation of Shiva, and it seemed so funny to have these people telling us Shiva is a "nobody." We went on our way to India and didnˆt really have time to think about this experience.

At one point with Babaji, we were in New Delhi in the home of one of His devotees. In the living room of this home a large swing was set up next to an air-conditioner. Babaji was sitting in this swing, and he invited us into this room to sit on the couch next to the swing. We were there alone with Him. He asked someone to bring us some lemon water and let us just relax there with Him to recover from the extreme heat of driving from Haldwani with Him at mid-day.

It was very sweet to sit there with Him, and as He was sitting on the swing like a small child, swinging back and forth, we could hear Him softly singing to Himself, with a sweet smile on His face, just loud enough for us to hear: "Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, they are OK too ... Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, they are OK too."

That's when we knew that Babaji knew of our experience in the airport even though we had shared it with no one.

His acceptance of all worshipers of the Divine with no ill will toward othersˆ form of worship is very important. This all-inclusiveness of all who worship the Divine is one of the cornerstones of Babajiˆs teachings. He often said, "Follow the religion that is in your heart. You must find the religion that really resonates with you and it will take you to God. But you must FOLLOW it."

Om Namah Shivaya

Love, Marge


Hi Marge, It is nice to meet you. My name is Susan and I've recently come across your website (referring to within the past few weeks. I would like to share with you how this came to be.

One Saturday afternoon, I laid down to rest and began doing a healing visualization between myself and another person. While I was doing this, a young Indian looking man appeared in my meditation and began to do some healing work on the other person. I was observing the whole thing and thinking, "Who is this man that has appeared out of nowhere ?" After he was done with the healing, this man sat cross-legged and radiated such peace and understanding. He sat in such a way that he formed a triangle between all three of us. Meaning that myself, the Indian man, and the other person were all sitting cross-legged and formed a triangle. Right after that visualization ended, I pictured myself being purified by white fire. I was asking over and over again to be taken through the fire so that I may be purified. Now, remember, I had not yet seen your website and I was not that familiar with Babaji. I remember reading about him in Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda, but my memory of him was faint.

I fell asleep for a little awhile and after I awoke I went to the computer and looked up Yogananda. My eye caught an entry about Babaji and some slide show that you could watch for free. I thought it was odd that my eye saw Babaji because I have looked up Yogananda many times and never saw Babaji's name on that page. Well, I clicked on it and began to watch the slideshow. My eyes just stared and my mouth dropped in awe as I watched Babaji and was realizing that this was the Indian looking man that had just appeared in my meditation two hours ago. I tingled from head to toe many times over and again when I came to the passage about going through the Great Fire of Purification. I felt deeply moved and began to cry. I was so grateful for this gift.

I want to share with you one more thing. I have not picked up my guitar in a very long time, but I felt drawn to yesterday and had a wonderful time playing it. I felt very connected and alive. I was thinking about Babaji and Yogananda and picturing myself singing a song that was meant to reach everyone.

This is what came through :

Oh, Love
Gentle is the way
That I want to be with you
Gentle is the only way
That I want to do

'Cause I see all your faces
Looking back at me
I see all the love inside
Waiting to get free...

Oh you can't deny it
It's right there in your eyes
No you cannot hide it
It's been there all the time...been there all the time


Because Love is free
It's there inside of you
Love is free
So what are you going to do?
Love is free

I feel all the yearning
From your hearts to mine
I see all the people
Thinking it's not true
But, I see all the peace inside
Waiting to break through

I know you want to share it with someone
You want to hold out your hand
Well, you can take a deep breath now
Because I understand...yes I understand

Love is free
It's there inside of you
Love is free
So what are you going to do?
Love is free

Gentle is the way
That I want to be with you
Gentle is the only way
and I'm sharing it with you
I'm sharing it with you

Love is free Love is free
Love is free Love is free
Love is free Love is free

Om Namah Shivaya,
Susan K


OM SRI SAI RAM, hello there! I am so happy after I checked the whole page of Babaji.

It is a real blessings for so many truth seekers all over the world. I want to share a very personal and alive testimonial about the power of radiance of our beloved Babaji it occurred about six - you may odd-years ago, when I was jogging in the park when suddenly I felt a great desire to look to my left side so I looked but there were nothing to see, and I kept on jogging as usual, so the command started again to look I realized something peculiar was around to happen I stoped running and obeyed the drive immediately I got Babaji's presence, it is hard to express but my eyes did not see anything nor any body but my inner senses did! I don't know how I did but my sensorium was in presence of Babaji then I realized He doesn't need a "visible" body to senses but to the heart.

I remember I felt the radiance of His Love & protection; The same has happened as soon I was in the web page. Thank you again for this spiritual service,I got Babaji Grace when I recieved Kriya yoga initiation through Yogananda's teaching and let me tell you He is my Amerista param guru lineage. You may send me "news" about the page and/or all of you. Thank you for your time, I had to write this because it belongs to all of you also.

Yours truly Dr Rafael A Betances


For anyone who is reading this, feel that I must point out that I'm trying (with immense and un-imaginable difficulty) to find non attachment.

My wife and I bought a caravan in Glastonbury about 2 years ago, ever being attracted to the general spiritual feeling of the place, we go down there as often as we can afford.

As usual I walk to the Tor (The Mystical Tor, that has attracted millions of spiritual seekers for a very long time). At the base of Tor, I begin to feel the usual feeling of longing, emptiness, the usual feeling of (God please speak to me) I think to myself, "who can I pray to, for God's sake, who can I pray to who might actually respond?" A thousand uncontrolled and depressed thoughts on my mind, I find myself thinking of anything from my old Guru, to Krishna and the Jaganath Temple, to The I Ching, to Jesus, to just the word "God".

Reflecting on my exciting past, reflecting on my present feelings of selfish despair, very much fearing an unknown future, a faded memory flickers into my mind. I'm about 18 years old, I'm in the bath ( tub to Americans ) in my mothers house, about 1972, I pray to the awesome, Babaji, the Yogananda book Babaji.

I have a cross and chain around my neck that a friend had given me during our search for spiritual realization, deeply praying to Babaji as best I know how, in search of that promised blessing Babaji gave. Eventually I realize that my bath is getting cold, so I start to wash my face, neck etc, instantly the cross and chain is in my hands, (intact, not un-joined) I stare at it for a slightly amused moment, but then slowly I realize that this can't be happening. Please believe me when I tell you that the chain was very small, the cross hung around my adam's apple region, in other words it did not somehow transport itself over my head etc. I have always remembered this strange and inexplicable moment in time, but of course I have never known what to make of it.

Anyway, back to 1999, oh yes, there I am at the base of the Tor, finally I decide to pray to Babaji, I form a tiny sentence in my mind,"BABAJI,PLEASE BLESS ME"

I begin my climb to the top of the Tor, knowing that although it is no mountain, I will be breathing very heavily and soaked in sweat when I get there. So, with every breath, I repeat with intense feeling, trying to be as truly reverent as possible, repeating, "Babaji please bless me."

I arrive at the Tor, soaked in sweat, and half gasping for breath, and as usual, I sit down on the nearest concrete seat, and although looking forward to getting my breath back, I am very much absorbed in my prayer to Babaji, really, I am actually seem unable to think of anything else, or recognize anything around me, all I know is,"Babaji, please bless me." As I sit down on the concrete seat, immediately a man walks in from the right hand entrance, I successfully resist looking at him, truly praying, only to Babaji, absolutely shunning all distractions.

However, one way or another, I can't help but notice that he seems to,"glide" across the floor, almost as though he were walking on water or something, very slowly. Then as gracefully as he moved, as gracefully he came to rest, facing the same direction he arrived from, head bowed, feet in sandals, tall, white hair, myself unable to see his face, one of those,"old but fit types," and totally silent. This individual moved like a,"spiritual" man, somebody reflecting upon at least, "something"

I, meanwhile had kept my head down, intent on treating this man as an intruder, a nuisance perhaps, and as much as my head was down, so was this mans head down. "BABAJI, PLEASE BLESS ME," intensely repeating within my worn being, I become aware of an itch on my nose, a bead of sweat, still there, running down my nose, irritating, at first I either ignore or refuse to acknowledge the itch, but slowly but surely, my resolve, being slowly worn down now, by all sorts of distractions, I decide to wipe the itch from my nose, with fanatical slowness, I move my hand towards my nose, a strange sort of guilt comes over me, well fairly normal I suppose, but this is really strange, a voice, an awareness, whatever, a very clear understanding of," If you scratch your nose, I will go away." In other words, keep up your concentration. Well, that's all I can make of it anyway. Finally, I touch my nose, instantaneously the man,"glides away," graceful," severe perhaps.

Although most resolute, I try only in vain to continue my concentration upon Babaji, slowly relaxing myself, and slowly finding myself wondering about this unusual man,(knowing of course that Glastonbury is full of unusual people.) I fully recover my normal mode and decide to quickly look for the unusual man, I briskly get up and walk outside the Tor, scanning, left, right, walking right round the Tor, the man is gone, then I notice him at the base of the Tor, walking really fast, away from the Tor. I think to myself, "blimey, how did that man get down there that quick?"

Approximately three weeks later, I'm at the base of the Tor again, thinking very similar thoughts to the last time I was there, actually forgetting the "unusual man encounter." I must pray to the Yogananda book Babaji I decide, yes, that's it. So, off I go again, intense, sweating etc.

The instant I sit down, albeit, sincerely and reverently, a young, dark skinned man with fairly long black hair, and very big eyes, bounds in from the right hand entrance, he sits down next to me, so abrubtly I actually jump back slightly, I say to my self, blimey, who the hell is this? Is he on drugs, is he gay, who the hell is this strange 18ish year old man. I come to the conclusion that he is not on drugs, and that he is not gay, but then he says, "Oh look at you," and then starts to vigorously wipe the sweat off of my head. I say," er, yeah, I'm always hot," (which I am) He then says loudly, "Oh, I'm cold." We seem to hover for a moment, I uneasily look away, he sort of looks away, and then leaps up and bounds out the way he came.

This time I instantly rush outside the Tor, gathering my senses on the way, and frantically look for the young, crazy guy. Nothing, I really mean nothing, he is definitely not there, dashing around the Tor, frantically looking left, right, down, all directions, he is definitely not there.

A few days later, I come home to my wife, I tell her of my strange encounter, describing both old man and young man, (I didn't actually mention the first encounter at the time of it happening for whatever reason.) I tell her of a strange young man with big eyes, he seemed Indian and red Indian at the same time, slightly feminine, long black hair, I speak about it a lot to her. I remember thinking that the "young man" somehow reminded of the "old man," admittedly, probably because I had been praying to Babaji both times anyway, but on the other hand, I still think one reminded me of the other to this day.

About 3 months later, I buy my first computer, a friend of mine sets it up for me, and away I go. Anxious to "browse" the internet that I have heard so much about, I quickly connect up and then wonder what to look for. You can surely guess what I'm going to say. After a fairly short time I think to myself, Ah! I wonder if there's anything about Babaji on the internet. To my great surprise there was a considerable amount of information about Babaji, but not the Yogananda book Babaji I would of expected, (I wasn't expecting any Babaji stuff on the internet anyway) but this new Babaji that supposedly materialised in 1970 in a cave. At first I read the Babaji stories with suspicion, distrust, scepticism, etc. Marge may recall one of my earliest E-Mails saying,"are you sure this is THE Babaji." I still have those early E-Mails. So there I am, constantly trying to come to terms with this,"new" Babaji, reading his words, lessons etc. and doubting all of them.

Remember, I hardly know how to turn the computer on at this stage, consequently, the only picture I have seen of this "new" Babaji so far is the home page Babaji that looks a bit like an artists impression of him. Experimenting further with the internet, I find more pictures of the "new" Babaji. Slowly but surely I start to realise that one of the pictures really, really looks like my visitor from the Tor. Reading more and more about this strange new Babaji, I find passages saying things like, "he looks Red Indian and Indian at the same time, feminine, long arms", "my visitor had noticeably long arms," seventy years old sometimes, etc. etc.

Now of course, I realize and absolutely believe that my two visitors were indeed Babaji, even though he doesn't necessarily look like the picture in the Yogananda book. This experience has seriously damaged my mental health, now I have to believe in Babaji, forever unable to slip back into doubt, spiritual despair etc.

Well, that's it, that's the best story I've got. I think for the rest of my life I will be ever trying to live up to this honour, and to maybe one day meet him again.

Yours most sincerely,
Bill Bryant


Babaji made his entry into my life on a summer's night in 1989 like a thousand exploding suns. He was not subtle at all! I had merely seen his photo in a book. My heart shattered and my journey began. He came for me as the Beloved and has remained so ever since. Although I never met Him in form, my experiences with Him have been incredibly alive with the same flames of love, compassion and lessons of those that did. He always taught me through my heart always reinforcing to me that the head (wisdom) and heart (compassion) must be one. I've kept years of journals of my meditations with Him and asked what did He want me to share and was lead to this one.

As I sat one morning some problems that made me sad and upset suddenly came to mind and quickly created the negative mood I lugged into meditation with me.

June 10, 1991

Although I was upset my mind eventually settled and I saw myself in a lovely forest. I was seated on a log and as I looked in the distance I could see Babaji coming towards me wearing a happy smile. The best I could give back was a wan one with the state I was in. He knew immediately that something was wrong but didn't speak a word. He just sat down in the grass in front of me like a child silently looking up at me with dark sensitive eyes.

I was uncomfortable with Him sitting there like that staring up at me so mouth opened to say something but was startled shut as he suddenly pulled my feet from underneath the long skirt I was wearing and said with sparkling eyes, "Such tiny feet. Such little feet!" "What?" I asked baffled. "Such tiny feet. Look! They are so small." He smiled, taking one in each of his large hands. "Never have I seen such tiny feet!" He grinned at me his dark eyes sparkling even more now like he was in child-like wonder.

I wasn't at all in the mood to be humored about my feet. I frowned. "What do you mean? They say that feet symbolize understanding. Are you saying that I have very little understanding?" I questioned irritably. He smiled up at me warmly, his deep eyes alive with amusement and lifted one dark brow, not needing to bother verbalizing me an answer. My ego cowered. "What I said is that you have the cutest tiny feet." (At that time some shoeboxes fell in my closet scaring me to death!) Babaji continued to laugh and joke and play with my feet , also massaging them until finally I pulled out of my sour mood.

"Feeling better now?" he asked after awhile. "I am. Yes, I am. Thank You." "Good. That is very good." His dark lashed eyes held mine beginning to shine , then suddenly he said, " I wonder what I would look like with such tiny feet?" "Oh, Baba!..." I groaned and then had to laugh. "No, really. Come. Come and let us see!" He said lifting me up from the log. "You come and stand on mine." "Stand on Yours?" "Yes...or either... I could stand on yours?" He teased looking down at me. "You're too heavy." "No I am not..." He answered half smiling, half serious, his dark gaze velvety and intense. At that moment a breeze blew his hair about His face and he became so beautiful that I felt my heart melting...melting. In an instant our eyes met in understanding and He smiled really happy again. "You come. Stand here." He instructed and I did, perching on His feet. "Now hold on." He smiled down, embracing me. "Hold tightly!" I did. I held on to Him ever so tightly and suddenly the tears I had tried to fight back so fiercely finally came.

"I know....yes...yes... I know..." he held me so close. "It is not easy, this path...this world. Many times we get discouraged. We both have been here a long time. I too know how difficult it is for I too have been here forever it seems, helping mankind in his slow...very slow pace, sometimes feeling there has been very little change. go on, not for yourself but for God, to find the Highest thing in you...the Perfection you know inside so well." I sobbed profusely as He spoke these gentle comforting words holding me so close, so tightly. "Yes, yes little one. How well I well I know." I could feel and hear His deep sigh as he rested His chin on the top of my head. We stood there for a long time as he allowed me to cry my heart out about life's anguish and frustration in his arms. As I quieted He said gently, "When things are not going well, stand on My Feet, my little love. I am always here to hold you up. To take every step for you. Remember that."

Kali Devi


We rode into Haidakhan in the back of a large truck, all the way through the riverbed, and up to the bottom of the 108 steps! This seemed miraculous to me, as I had heard all the stories of walking up through the riverbed, through chest-high water, almost being swept away downstream, with every step. I was very much in fear of that, but when it was time to go to Haidakhan, I just decided Babaji would handle that for me and I had to face the fear.... and so He did. The truck left with us on it from the Kailash View Hotel on the morning of June 26, and we arrived in Haidakhan before lunchtime. We were a bit sunburned and overheated because of the intensity of the sun at that time of year and that time of day.

Arriving in Haidakhan, I was expecting to change into some very nice sari in order to go and meet the Master Babaji. When we arrived, we went up the 108 steps and were directed to stay in the International Guest House, where our luggage was deposited. Then we were told to go directly to Babaji, who was taking a bath in the river on the opposite side, known as the Gufa (cave) side. What about changing into nice clothes? Nope, we were to greet Him first and then we could change clothes, after that. Oh MY! This meant I was meeting Babaji in a striped 3-button shirt and cotton pants, the only clothes I had with me appropriate for climbing onto the top of a truck!!! This was not what I had in mind. I had heard stories that you change into a magnificent white sari and get very elegantly put together... Oh well!

Anyway, there was no way to argue with anyone about this or change it. From the top of the steps we could see quite an entourage of people down in the river on the other side, with a magnificent glowing figure in pure white under a large sky-blue umbrella!! THIS WAS BABAJI!! From the moment we spotted Him, He also seemed to spot us! He stopped right where He was, with the full entourage stopped behind Him. We headed back down the 108 steps and across the river. There were many channels to cross, with some bridges and some where you just walked through the water. He just stared at us the entire trip across the river. It's quite a long trip, and the energy felt like He was pointing at us, but this was only with His eyes.

As we got closer, I would glance up whenever I could to get a glimpse of Him. I couldn't look very long because of all the rocks that I was in danger of tripping over even when I was very careful. By the time we were about 100 feet from Babaji, my body started to tremble uncontrollably, especially my legs. I had to put my hands on my thighs to keep my legs walking and moving forward. I had only one thought as I got closer and closer "Oh my God! This is God!" Even from the top of the stairs, it appeared that there was a huge light all around Babaji, about 8 feet in diameter. This "glow" became brighter as we got closer. This trembling was so fierce I had to concentrate on every step to get there.

Finally, we reached Babaji's feet and we knelt down to pranam (touch His feet). As we stood up, He spoke to us in German. We didn't say anything, so then He said in English "What your name?" I opened my mouth, and NOTHING would come out, not even a whisper! Jim was hitting his forehead, looking down, saying "our names, our names, what are our names?" Finally, he said "we are Jim and Marge, from America..." And then I added "from Emahmn." (Emahmn was our spiritual teacher in the USA who had prepared us for our visit to Babaji. Babaji loved Emahmn very much.) At that, Babaji turned downriver and screamed with so much force and ferocity, it scared the tar out of us, "EMAHMN! EMAHMN!" We looked at each other in total terror, like "Oh No! We said the wrong thing! Now He's going to destroy us!" When He turned back to us, it was with total compassion and warmth. (This quality of Babaji to change "moods" so quickly and completely was noticed by all in His presence.)

He motioned immediately for us to greet Muniraji, who was in the entourage of those who had gone to the bath. We had been carrying Muniraji's picture around with us for weeks. We had been told he was a great saint and we both felt deep connections to him from other lifetimes. We'd both had dreams of Muniraji and Babaji together, giving instructions and such. We ran to Shri Muniraji and tried to pranam, but he wouldn't allow that ( he was still "traveling incognito" at that time, and no one was treating him like a saint), so he grabbed our hands and shook them, saying "Welcome to Haidakhan!"

Shastriji told us later that the only reason Shri Muniraji was in Haidakhan that day was to welcome us, as he knew we were arriving then. We hadn't connected with him in Haldwani. So Babaji knew about this connection in our hearts, and it was the very first thing He did with us, connect us physically to Shri Muniraji. It was no surprise to us in any way, when Babaji left in 1984, that Muniraji would now be in charge of the devotees, and especially the ashrams throughout the world.

After this, we went back to Babaji, who was going over to the gufa to bless the food before lunch. All the lunches were prepared on the gufa side in that season, so everyone had to cross the river for prasad (food). He told us to go sit in the shade. We were following Him around like two puppies. He took us into the shade of the nine temples on the marble floor and showed us exactly where to sit down. There were big trays of food up on the walls. When we first sat down there, there were at least 20 people milling about waiting for lunch. Then something strange happened, and suddenly, we were the only ones there with Babaji. Everyone else just "disappeared." He started pacing back and forth in front of us, like a tiger. It seemed you could almost see sparks coming off Him as the energy was so electric!! He was pacing and looking at us, like trying to figure out what to do with us. We had been out in the hot sun all the way up in the truck. We were not in good shape. I was still trembling like a leaf in the wind. It helped to sit on the cool marble, but I was in so much AWE I really couldn't function.

Finally, after much pacing and electricity and awe, Babaji picked up a tray of chappati. He took one off the tray, bit off a piece, breathed on the rest of it, went to Jim and said, "Open," and he stuck this chappati in his mouth. Then He did the same with me with a smaller one. As soon as this bread hit my mouth, I was immediately calmed and soothed. I relaxed and ate the chappati completely, feeling nourished, quieted, and all of a sudden, it was like I had ALWAYS been here with Babaji!!! It was completely NORMAL to see Him there in front of me; the scene was familiar; the faces were familiar; I was HOME!!! There was no other world! I would look at Him and smile, and just say, "Oh! There's Babaji!" No more trembling, no more shyness, no more unworthiness to the point of not functioning. My other life was completely illusion; this was the real world. FINALLY, the real world happened in my life, as I'd always felt something was "wrong" with me, like things just didn't make sense in my normal everyday life. Here, everything finally made sense.

In fact, from then until about 3 days before I went home, I couldn't even REMEMBER anything about my home or family or car or work or ANYTHING about living in Nebraska. If people asked where we were from, we could say "Nebraska" or the USA, but details were GONE!!! One afternoon, in our room in Haidakhan, Jim and I were trying to remember a name of any one of our sisters. I have three sisters, and he has 5. We had promised to send postcards to all these people. NEITHER of us could come up with a name of ANY of them for a long time. Finally, after really struggling, like when you do a past-life hypnosis or something, I got the name of one of my sisters, and I kept saying it over and over, like "what a strange name!"

We had gone to India expressly to ask Babaji what to do with our acreage, which He had guided us to buy in 1980 rather than visit Him then. We couldn't even remember there WAS an acreage until shortly before we were going to leave.... and even then, there was no way to remember a question or a problem to ask Him about while in His presence. While in His Presence, there was no problem, no question, just pure BEING, in a heightened state of awareness. It was while we were farther away from Him that we figured out we had better write down our questions and ask Him while we were here rather than trying to write Him a letter from America about it! So that is what we did, eventually. (that's another story)

It was such a blessing to finally feel like life was making sense, walking around with Babaji, traveling with Him to Nainital, Haldwani, Delhi, and then to Vrindavan for Guru Purnima. The difference in food and climate and culture were very hard on my body, but my heart was filled with joy and a 'sense of belonging.' This "remembering" my True Self came with Babaji giving me the "bread of life." Just like holy communion, which I had grown up with in the Catholic Church! I'm sure He knew of that too.

This meeting Babaji was so spectacular for us that we agreed that even if He had sent us straight home after that 20-30 minutes, we would have felt complete. We had heard the stories of people who arrived, got their luggage up the steps, and Babaji would just say, "Go home. Go now." And that would be the end of it for that person. They had to leave. We went with no expectation and grateful for every single thing that happened to us for the next 12 days that we spent with Babaji.

Marge DeVivo


When we were talking on the phone I mentioned that I'd written to Babaji back in the fall of 1983 asking for permission to visit ( he wrote back at the beginning of November of '83, telling me to come any time-- but one of my dogs got very sick and I had to spend my trip money on her-- and Babaji left his body in Feb of 84 and I never got to see him?). What prompted me to write him was this: back in about 1979 I was in bed, asleep, when I suddenly awoke, feeling as though there was someone in the room with me--my first thought was that someone had broken into the house and had made it into my bedroom.

My reaction was to lay very still, not moving, until I could get a bead on what was happening. So I lay there, on my chest, my eyes barely open, and I had this feeling that someone was passing his/her hands all over my body, just above my body, making passes with his or her hands up and down the length of my body. I could see and feel the energy moving in my body. After some time this stopped and I sat up in bed.

In the room with me was this bright golden white "figure"-- I use the term loosely-- surrounded by a golden white aura. It wasn't someone I recognized, but I had the very distinct impression that the figure was waiting long enough for me to definitely focus on it-- for me to make sure I was fully awake and not dreaming-- and I had the distinct impression that even though I didn't recognize the figure, at least by name, that I'd know who it was shortly. When I'd absorbed all that, the figure vanished.

The next day I went down to the local food coop to do some shopping. They had a small book section that I always checked out when I shopped there. The weekend before I'd seen this small, black-covered book with this sort of intense person on the cover-- it wasn't someone I recognized and for the most part it looked to me like another one of those Indian saint books recounting stories, etc-- so I didn't pay much more attention to it. So, when I went into the book section this next time here was this same small black book facing outward on the shelf so that the cover was in plain view, with this intense person looking out at me-- and I knew immediately that he and the being in my room the previous night were one and the same--and they turned out to be Babaji.

I don't think it was until the spring or summer of 1983 that I knew that Babaji taken a body again, and when I found out I was very anxious to see him "in the flesh", but as things worked out I never got there. I know that he would have told me it was more important to help my dog than to see him in some kind of body, and that I can always find him, but still.... So that's my Babaji story--well, one of them anyway. :)

Roger Hamstra


I was sitting by a running creek. Next to me was the most beautiful, sexy man. He was barely dressed, only wearing like a loin cloth or something. I looked into his eyes and said "Who are you?" and his eyes were shinning deeply and I knew it was Babaji. I had never seen him look so young and sexy before, though. I was attracted to him and tried to kiss him on the mouth.

As I leaned over to kiss him, his head turned into a television set and I was kissing a glass screen. Inside the tv set he was giggling at me. I think the message was a couple of things: My ideas about love and attraction were derived from images on TV and the movies and were not based on real love. So, they were flat and artificial. Trying to connect to someone when your ideas are based on false images is like trying to kiss a flat, glass screen instead of really connecting with a person. And, ultimately, the message was one he has given me a lot in many different dreams: you don't know what you really want and like. You think you like things but they are illusions.



Full Moon, October, 1982

I was told by a friend about Babaji in 1982 when I was 23 years old. All my friend said was that He was the Babaji mentioned in Yogananda's book and that He was connected to Leonard Orr. I felt such a strong magnetic pull to go and see Him but had no time to learn anything more about Him before I found myself in India.

The first time I had private darshan with Babaji He looked at me and I felt like I was in a tunnel while the world around me disappeared. I felt like I was being seen for who I was in my entirety through the eyes of Absolute Truth. All I could think was, "My God, your eyes!"

I felt fear come up initially because I had no idea what to do around Him. However this did not stop me from going and standing right next to Him because I felt such tremendous love for His Being. He gave me a direct experience of what is spoken of in the Tibetan Book of the Dead and I was shown all the fierce deities mentioned as you often see them portrayed in the mandalas. As soon as I realized that my mind was creating them they instantly vanished and I was once again overwhelmed with love for Babaji. I knew that I had known Him forever.

As I stood beside Him I felt His energy field was like that of the biggest nuclear power plant in the universe with such power and destructive potential, but at the same time generating the greatest love there is. I kept thinking that the sun, moon, stars, the wind, the Vedas and everything on Earth are in Him, and I was so drawn to His hair and how it represents the sacred power of the Ganges. As I said, I knew next to nothing about what was proper conduct around Babaji and although I had an overwhelming urge to hug Him I thought I had better not in case it was disrespectful!! I look back on this now and laugh. There is no question that He knows our every thought.

About 3 years ago His energy landed on me like tsunami and now I am so enraptured with Him that He is on my mind constantly. He is the greatest love I have ever known and whenever I look at a picture of Him I call Him "My Beautiful Love". He has visited me regularly in dreams this year and I feel so incredibly blessed to have been with Him while He was in body. May He shine like a diamond in all of our hearts.

Om Namaha Shivaya
Diane Tylor xo


In spring of 1982, after longing to go to India to visit Babaji for the three years I had known of Him being there, Leonard Orr's "Physical Immortality" book appeared in a B. Dalton Bookstore in Lincoln, Nebraska, with Babaji's painting on the cover. This seems to have been quite a miraculous event just to even have it in that bookstore!

Having been acquainted with Babaji's paintings through a metaphysical teacher who had shown us many of these in his class, this book seemed to just jump off the shelf and come to my home of its own volition.

The chapters in the book about Babaji were astonishing! What I remember most is Leonard saying, "Babaji is there waiting for you. Why don't you go and visit Him? Here's His address." Now even though I had ALMOST gone there in 1980 with a group, I never had Babaji's address before. The message in 1980 was "don't come now; buy land." That is the land on which this Center is built. We were lead to the exact spot in June 1980 and purchased it on 8/8/80. That's a separate story.

Back to 1982, as I sat reading the book in my kitchen (same one as today) , I suddenly had an experience of a "light being" appearing to me right there at the kitchen table, saying "It's time to get to India..." This was very real and moving. I took out pen and paper and immediately wrote a letter to Babaji to ask permission to visit. Since I was teaching elementary school at that time, I said we'd be free to come between June 4 and August 15. I mailed the letter to Haidakhan.

The following weekend, even before the letter got to Haidakhan, we were driving to Chicago for a Metaphysical Conference Weekend. On the way, my driving partner fell asleep and I was at the wheel. Suddenly, it started to rain. The rain became heavier and heavier until I could just barely see the road. I wondered whether to stop for awhile and let the storm pass and then follow it, or to keep cruising and try to get ahead of it. My partner was sleeping so soundly I didn't even try to wake him. I had a small picture of Babaji on the sun visor above me that seemed to help me drive better. I looked at it and said, "What to do?" and it answered immediately, inside me somewhere "You get through this, you don't have to go through the monsoon!!"

This seemed odd, but it was said with such assurance I believed it. Then I thought, "Oh my God! This must mean we really ARE going to India soon. Here's a little test for me..."

So I drove and drove and held the car on the road through wind and rain and very poor visibility, passing up the storm and staying ahead of it all the way to Chicago. It was very intense! At that time, I was not aware of when the monsoon season was in India, and I really didn't want to think about it.

The last day of the school year was June 4, and I had just cleaned up the classroom and headed home to the mailbox. There, in the mail, was a letter from Haidakhan. Written by an American "secretary," it said that Babaji had said, "Yes, you should come. Come in June."

That's another long story, so I'll cut to the chase on this one aspect about the monsoon. We landed in India on June 23, got to Babaji on June 26 and we flew home from India on July 12. All that time, there was no monsoon. When we arrived, we heard lots of speculation about why the monsoon was late this year, so I shared my story with Radhe Shyam and Sita Ram, two Americans who were living there. Radhe Shyam was gathering stories for his book, "I Am Harmony," and he really got tickled by my story. From then on, we were introduced as "the reason for the late monsoon this year."

We found out later that the monsoon never really started until about 2 weeks after we left India!!!

Om Namah Shivaya

Babaji is often known as "Controller of the Cosmos," and in this case, He sure had something to do with the weather!!
Marge DeVivo


My first trip to India (1982) was quite a shock to the system. I was so happy to be there and so miserably sick most of the time. We had been told before we went NEVER to drink any kind of water in India (this was also before they sold the bottled water on the street like they do now). We were told to drink only the soft drinks or hot tea that was boiled. The soft drinks are more like syrup they are so full of sugar. The hot tea has lots of milk and sugar in it; I was not successful in getting the chai shops to leave out the sugar, as they thought sugar was the best part of the drink.

Anyway, not having consciously or purposely eaten sugar for several years, all this sugar, the heat of the day, the lack of liquids I was suffering, or when I did drink a Limca or a Campa cola, I'd go into a sugar thing and my skin would be all sticky, I'd feel dizzy, etc. The dysentery started for me on Air India, leaving New York, after the very first meal was served. It was probably more like "fear" but it had the same devastating effect on my digestive system. This meant I was even more dehydrated.

Each day in Haidakhan, I'd do my best to follow the schedule of ceremony, work, washing my clothes in the river, getting to the one meal a day at lunch time, and the rest of it. Others made it look pretty relaxed and easy; I felt I was lucky to be walking around. To remember the towel, the lota, the sari, the petticoat, the blah-blah-blah of just getting to the river for a bath was overwhelming at times. Then taking the bath in the river without taking your clothes off (that's another whole story separate from this). Anyway, to say I felt "dazed and confused" is an understatement. Yet moving around the ashram, doing what you had to do, was so energizing! It was obvious where Babaji was at any given moment, as you would see faces lighting up and smiles and a little flurry of energy and activity somewhere -- you knew that's where He was at that moment.

One day I got up at 4 and worked until about 9, I then got so sick I had to lie down and I fell into a deep sleep. When I woke, it was past 1:30 p.m. Lunch was at 1, and across the river, so if I didn't RUN, I'd probably miss the whole thing. There were no alternative meals in the chai shops in those days; you got to lunch, or the best you could get other than that was a canned cheese (as I recall, it was pretty bad and tasted more like a can than cheese) available in the store.

I was feeling very weak and exhausted and not at all well, but the thought of waiting until the next day for sustenance forced me to move. I threw on a sari, grabbed a plastic sandwich bag full of vitamins for the day, which I couldn't take on an empty stomach, and headed for the gufa side. This is quite a long haul down the 108 steps, all the way across the river over homemade bridges spanning the many tributaries of the Gautami Ganga. I had to watch the ground beneath me so carefully, just so I wouldn't trip or fall down those steps, that I was at the bottom of the steps when I saw that Babaji was approaching me accompanied by a young German girl in overalls, carrying an umbrella. They were talking and laughing, having a really good time.

When I reached Babaji, we were standing in water, so I couldn't kneel down to touch His feet. Instead, I put my hands together in "Namaste" and put them up to my forehead and said "Om Namah Shivaya" and "Bhole Baba ki Jai!" When I did this, the little vitamin bag was hanging from my hands.

Babaji touched the vitamin bag, and said questioningly, "Medicine?" I said, "No, Baba, vitamins." He again said, louder, "Medicine?" still a question, and I said, louder, "No, Baba, vitamins." He then said much louder, and no question, "MEDICINE!" and He walked away. I was left standing there, thinking "Hmmmmmmm.... I think I'd better take these as soon as possible." I ran and got some lunch, took the vitamins/medicine and I stayed well for the next 4 or 5 days, the longest I was feeling well during the entire 3-week trip.

In a similar story I heard from a friend and teacher, there was a man who was so sick in bed for days that he just could barely drag himself to Babaji to ask Him for medicine. When he got to Babaji and asked, Baba turned to the man next to him (my friend and teacher) and said, "Give him the medicine you have in your shirt pocket." This was puzzling since all he had in his shirt pocket was chewing gum, so he gave the man a stick of chewing gum. The man ate it and was instantly well.

Om Namah Shivaya


I was in Haidakhan with Babaji in 1982. We arrived on June 26. During one of the karma yoga (work) sessions, EVERYONE in the ashram was needed on the construction line. The wall had to be finished before the monsoon started. We lined up and passed a metal disk full of dirt from one person to the next all the way up a hill and then up a ladder to pour into a very high wall full of rocks.

There were men, women, and children of all ages, nationalities, sizes, and levels of strength situated along this line. The man who filled the pan struck me as an obnoxious person, and he handed them to me. He and I had an instant dislike for one another. I turned and passed the disk on to a very tiny Indian woman, who would groan and wince when she got it. I asked the man to fill it less full, and he just laughed at me and kept filling them more and more. I decided he was not very nice, so I would take the very full pan, dump some dirt off, and then pass it to this lady. This really teed him off, as could be expected. We kept up this little game for quite some time, with Babaji right there watching everyone in the line every minute, giving instructions here and there. He didn't say anything to either of us at that time.

Suddenly, Babaji called all the women off the line and told them to sit down and have a cold drink, which He had prepared for all of us. This was a relief. I walked over to the wall and Babaji came right over to me and talked to me just inches away from my face while He pinched my right bicep with alot of force. I had studied acupressure and He had such a strong grip on my upper arm I could hardly breathe!! (I later found out this pressure point is to release any congestion in the lungs. I had had lung problems all my life.) At the same time He was looking into my eyes and asking me questions. I could barely answer, with the pressure on my arm and looking into His eyes was always like looking into outer space--just the VOID!). He ended the conversation with "...Oh, you go rest; go now!" This was said very quietly, very slowly, and with great compassion, as if He felt like I was really exhausted. I started to wonder if I was. Later that evening at Arati, I saw that the same obnoxious guy was there, but

I didn't notice I was directly behind him in the darshan line (the line of people who go up to the seat where Babaji is and pay their respects). I was so self-absorbed about all the happenings of the day and where I was and Who I was with that I just kept moving forward in the line, very happy to be here with Shri MahaPrabhuji and not noticing this guy in front of me.

When I got to Babaji and gave my pranam, as I lifted my head He slipped a necklace of rose quartz over my head and gave me some prasad. I was stunned to receive this beautiful necklace, and couldn't get over how it just landed on my neck so easily and smoothly without my even knowing He had it. Later, others told me that the necklace had been placed on Babaji's neck by "my mortal enemy," the man who filled the dirt pans. Babaji had taken it off his own neck as I bowed down and put it on my neck as I rose. After that, this man and I would see each other in the ashram and always smile and I would show him my necklace. He was a jeweler and had made this necklace for Babaji. Rose quartz is the stone that heals the hurts in the heart, and it would appear that this man and I had past-life karma to settle. In this very subtle, perfect way, Babaji healed the whole situation and the two of us.

This is only one tiny example of what people call "Babaji Theater." It seems He would manipulate the universe into these little scenarios that brought out the best in everyone. There are hundreds of these stories that are shared among those who were in Babaji's physical presence. I hope to share some more of them with you soon.

Om Namah Shivaya


I've been working on website creation on wix platform and wordpress since more than one year and I'm more like autodidact in this field as well as in many others like music, interior design, fashion design and graphic arts. I'm passionate about harmonious forms & colors; I'm very touched by their impact through all kinds of expressions … I try to express this sensitivity in my design works.

I've been told about Babaji's divine aura since few years by my mom who had literally fallen in deep love with his teachings and so do I. I've been in contact with his great energy several times and for some reason I guess.

I remember the first time I dreamt of Him, He was going out of a yellow taxi and told me that the world will come to know him more and more.

Another manifestation I remember was quite funny. I was moving in a new place that looked like a community buildings area and he was there leaving with great simplicity. He wanted me to see that he was earning money from all sorts of simple goodies he was selling everyday. And he was looking at me in Buddha's sleeping asana with a wonderful smile and the eyes filled with waters of blessings.

I also remember the colors this scene was surrounded … it looked like a sunset spraying orange, yellow and pink vibrations. Very romantic and blissful to see and live …

Then, few weeks later I've heard about the need to create a group in order to remodel Babaji's website. So, touched by his energy I really wished to take part of this dream.



In 1989 I spent eight months in India. Most of the time with Sai Baba and at Ramana Ashram in Southern India. One day Sai Baba glanced at me and after I recovered from the shaktipa I got the message, "Go to the mountains, the Himalayas." The next day I left my wife and five year old son with Baba and took a bus and plane to Delhi, and another day's bus ride to Rishikesh.

I was just getting over dysentery and stayed there for about two weeks to build my strength. I and a new friend then took a bus to the village of Kedranath, at 6000 feet, with the intention of going to the high temple of Kedra when the path opened in a few days. It was the spring opening.

On that day we, along with dozens of other Shiva devotees, trekked the 5000 feet,13 km to the temple. By the time I reached the last mile I was exhausted. When the temple appeared over the horizon I received a bolt of energy and almost sprinted the last half mile.

We entered the small stone temple. Inside was a large monolithic rock, a Shiva lingum about 10 feet high and 5 feet across. It was worn and black with the oil from centuries of devotees hands. As I placed my hands on the lingum a column of white light came down through my crown into the Earth and I heard the words, "Your enlightenment is assured."

I knew its source. By the time we returned to our rooms that night I was sick again, but decided to move on anyway. India appears to be the place where one surrenders the body and then realizes that perfect health is less important than enlightenment.

On our way to Badrinath, another high temple, my friend and I spent the night at Tungnath. It's a small way-stop open only for a few weeks in the spring and again after the monsoons. There were only about half a dozen people at Tungnath, sellers of fruit and soft drinks to travelers. We decided to spend the night. There were no "real" lodgings and it was suggested that we could stay in a small stone hut with no doors or windows, and straw on the ground. This was great.

The next morning we were eating some of the staples from our backpacks when a young man walked out of the woods. He was about 20, in ragged clothing and no shoes. He went over to the locals and just stood in front of them saying nothing but not begging. They shooed him away and he come over to us and did the same. My first thought was to offer him money and I presented a few rupees. He motioned with his hand that he did not want them. We then realized that he was retarded, or at least suffering from some severe mental disability. We were stuck as to why he was there. He then made some motion, I don't remember exactly what, which indicated that he wanted clothing. I reached into my backpack and pulled out a spare pair of pants and a rather used shirt and handed them to him. He nodded, turned and walked back into the woods.

I had been fascinated by Babaji the Immortal from the "Autobiography" for years. In fact it was in my mind when I left Sai Baba that I would look for him, but the Shiva temple seemed to be the priority. I felt at the time that it may have been that Babaji. In the ensuing years my suspicions have grown stronger, along with my intuition and now I truly believe that it was him. I still ponder over the meaning of our meeting.

We never got to Badranath and later that day climbed another 1000 feet to the Tungnath Temple where we spent a week in similar lodgings, doing yoga in an open field of flowers surrounded at times by hummingbirds the size of bumble bees. This place is far enough North that the temple looks like a blending of India and Tibet. The mountains there are riddled with foot thick veins of quartz crystal and there is an ancient 15 foot wide stone road which apparently connects all of the four Indian high temples and spans over a hundred miles of the Himalayas. We climbed another several hundred feet and stood on a knoll covered with stacks of rocks honoring Shiva which had been left by previous pilgrims. From that place there is a 180 degree panorama of the Himalayas of India and into Tibet.

Returning to Delhi, and eventually to Sai Baba, was returning from a place that really defies complete description.

Robin Irelan


I was looking for a way to express my experience with Baba but I didn't know how. Now I found this web-site! I'm Kitty; a 37 years-old woman from The Netherlands. My first experience with an ashram was the Baba-ji ashram in Loenen. A friend took me there on my birthday when Shastriji was there too. We stayed in the ashram for several days. It was a beautiful experience 'cause I came with a lot of pain over the fact that that my boyfriend and I just separated. It was amazing how I could feel the strong pain slip away in a few days while being in the ashram; singing mantra's , participating in the rituals. I felt a strong recognition and attraction towards the Indian culture and religion and the most logical explanation was a vague memory of a former life in India. This experience changed me completely and although I wasn't ignorant on the spiritual path; the ashram opened another door in my unconsciousness.

Last year I went to India . I didn't visit Baba's ashram but I went to the South to volunteer in a holistic retreat and travelled through Kerala, and Tamil_Nadu. I was in Thiruvannamallai where I did spend time with a family. They lived close to the Ramanashram. From day one I felt the urge to talk about Baba-ji to them. They had a very special sun who was only 8 years old. He reminded me of Baba. I can't say why but as well in appearance as in his wizdom he reminded me strongly! He spoak about illusion/ reality, the end of the world, atomic wars etcetera; and this for a small child! He was also testing me in various ways. The father told me that although he never spoak about Baba-ji with the child he knew Baba too and that when he held his child as a baby he couldn't stop thinking of the fact that the child reminded him of Baba-ji. the funny thing is that he wasn't a devotee. He was talking a lot more about the teachings of Ramanah Maharshi!!

In that same period I met a young man who looked like the spitting image of Baba-ji. One day we planned to go out together. He told me to close my eyes and think of a place. I told him that I wanted to go to the back of Ramanashram where the young cow's where. He took me there and we where sitting down. I felt a strong attraction towards him but he was following the path of meditation and didn't mingle with women.(if you remember that he looked like the spitting image of the young Baba you might be able to have some understanding for my weakness!) When we where just sitting down with the cows a sadhu walkes straight towards us and looked seriously. He said that he was the last living relative of Ramanah Maharshi and that we shouldn't be interested in familylife or just to fall in love but follow the path of devotion. My God, he didn't stop and lectured us for an hour; than he dissapeared! I understood pretty soon that I had to forget the boy by the name of Shanti(he was half Indian and they ave him this unusual name!

I started to get a little confused because the boy seemed to be so pure not alt all like other humans I happened to know!! He reminded me so much of Baba-ji that in my fantasy they became one.(although I know this isn't the fact, I met this person after my Indian trip in Hamburg) Unfortunately it was very clear that we could only be friends, he told me always to believe in Me!!

When I came back to The Netherlands I had a strange dream. I was in a room. There was a voice. I was told that in this room exactly at that time was the last teaching of Baba-ji. Next thing I know is that I stand in the same room but now there is a square in the middle with ashes in the form of a human being. The smoke was still coming from the ashes and I could breath it in. There was a voice; it said: "breath in the Samadhi' breath it in!" Than I see Baba-ji. He said:"I will follow you to the Kailash mountain! This must all seem very confusing but if I tell you that I'm not a frequent visitor of the ashram and not an official devotee this is quite surprising , because I never had this fantasy. Perhaps it was a fantasy living in my unconsciousness but i don't hink so. I think it's beautifull and Baba didn't stop teaching us a little more!

Love, K.S.


You asked for stories, here is my small one.

After nearly a baker's dozen years of fully awakened "kundalini" by accident, crippling, life-threatening, devastating, obliterating, I visited a devotee of Muktananda upstate to see about an adjustment to my permanent state of meditation-type consciousness. This was in order to be able to sleep, and be awake during the day, not halfway to either.

He suggested I chant "OM NAMAH SHIVAYA", and gave me his CD, which was in the same zone as my state I wanted to alter ! So I decided to search the internet for another version more to my liking, and I found Babaji, not knowing who he was. On the photos page, I opened one picture so it was larger, and suddenly became inspired to dance.

Immediately I stood up, and began to chant and dance in a circle with ecstasy, and could not stop for an hour, I was so enraptured! What a great soul, I thought, right on the same wavelength!

Since that day, that moment, between the dance and my helpful Muktananda fan who pointed me to Babaji, I have slept wonderfully! All day I am alert, and able to read books again after many years of not being able to focus. Naturally that is important for an Architect, especially one with her own practice and in New York City too!

That's all, there is more, but I hope you enjoy good news!

Thanks again,


Hi Marge,

Lately I have been strongly drawn to revisit all things Babaji and I found your website (referring to and Yahoo list. I read your wonderful experiences with him in person and I would like to share a couple of my experiences for your site, though not in the flesh, but kind of etherically.

I used to go to meditation classes back in the late 80s. I used to achieve extremely deep states of trance in them. In one of them, I was in very deep. To my right, I saw a beautiful looking man standing next to me. He had brown skin, brown eyes, and long brown hair. He was wearing a white one shouldered sarong like outfit. He was speaking to me. He was telling me to tell people something. When he finished talking, I couldn't remember what he said. I asked him to repeat it again. Instead, he laid what appeared to be a blanket in a multi-colored chevron pattern on my lap. Then, he vanished. I realized that I was seeing the room and everyone in it through my closed eyelids. I also could still see the blanket (which I could feel on my lap). I wondered how long it would stay there. After a few minutes it faded out with my enhanced vision. Not too many years later, I found a picture that looked exactly like the man in my meditation. It was of Babaji. You know, the one written of in "Autobiography of a Yogi".

Around the same time frame, I was getting rebirthing sessions. In the middle of one session, I started to experience what is called tetany (paralysis due to energy trying to clear blocks in the body) in my legs and feet. I was having a difficult and painful time of trying to get the blocked energy to move. Then, when it seemed hopeless, I felt hands massaging the soles of my feet. I asked my rebirther if she was at my feet. I heard her voice coming from my side saying "no". I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful and ethereal apparition. It was Hadiakan Baba. He was in his 18-year-old guise. He was wearing a shimmering yellow and orange one sleeve sari which reminded me of the colors of a goldfish. He also was translucent. I could see the rest of the room through him. He had a hand on each of my feet and was massaging the soles. He would move my feet and as he did that, my feet would move even though I was not able to move them myself. When he was finished, he took his hands off of my feet and bowed at them as if in deep prayer or meditation. The tetany then released and I could feel the energy flow out of my legs and feet. All the while this was happening, I was reporting this to my rebirther. He sat at my feet for several minutes then faded away. Thank you Babaji for your help when I needed it!

I had no conscious desire to meet him since I barely knew who he was at the time, yet I did. I guess I might have some connection to him since he showed up and I read that it can take quite a bit of effort on his part. I don't consider myself to be anyone special even. I'm not even that great with my practice and can be quite undisciplined. But, now, I feel the urge to get back to a better way of spiritual practice as I think on these things.

Thanks for letting me share.


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